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Group Walks

~ Let's Have Some Fun! ~

Group walks are for friendly, sociable dogs that want to have fun with others.


Dogs are matched with others and taken out in groups where they will have the best walking experience.  This means that your dog may not be walked at exactly the same time each day, but they will be tired when they return home!

We walk no more than 4 dogs together and walks last for at least 60 minutes.  Collection and drop off are in addition to this time, so expect your dog to be with us for more than an hour.


​1 hour walk = £12

Additional dogs (same family)

£2 off each dog 

~ Sunday & B/H at 1.5 x rate ~​

Solo Walks

~ Some dogs need space ~

Some dogs, like people, are happier in their own company. 


Dogs in training, dogs with medical needs, older dogs that prefer to sniff than run and play, nervous dogs who are unsure of the intent of other dogs around them... we are happy to help.


Solo walks can be a walk at the park or straight from the house depending on the needs of your dog.  Our time with your dog lasts 60 minutes whether in transit to the park or walking from your home.


1 hour walk = £18

Additional dogs (same family)

£2 off each dog 

~ Sunday & B/H at 1.5 x rate ~​

Dog Home Visits

~ When staying in is best ~

Home visits are perfect for puppies who need some attention during the day, and for elderly or infirm dogs who need a bit of company but do not fancy a walk. 


Visit length can be customised to suit your dog's needs.  We are happy to feed your dog or give them medication during the visit.  Home visits can include a road walk of up to 10 minutes as part of the service if needed.


1 hour visit = £15

30 min visit = £10

15 min visit = £9

Please note that this service is not suitable for dogs that are being left home alone overnight.

​~ Sunday & B/H at 1.5 x rate ~​


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Pet Home Visits

~ For cats and small furries ~

We will check on your pet, feed and change bedding and undertake any other duties that your pet might need to keep them happy and  healthy while you are out. 


Our visits are priced by time rather than the number of pets you own, so if you have a LOT of pets and think an hour might not be enough, please contact us for a customised quote.


If your pet is keen on company we will stay for the full time period booked and give them all the attention they desire -  however if your pet wanders off upstairs or outside, we will leave after our duties are complete.  Keep this in mind when booking a longer visit!


1 hour visit = £15

30 min visit = £10

15 min visit = £9​


~ Sunday & B/H at 1.5 x rate ~​

Slobberchops Pet Sitter

Overnight Pet Sitting

~ An alternative to kennels ~

Perfect for a multi-pet home when you need to go away on business or take a holiday.

We stay in your home while you are away, meaning that your pets (including dogs) have lots of company and your home continues to have that 'lived in' look which offers peace of mind while you are not around.

All aspects of the furry family, the house and pet sit are discussed in detail before you book and we encourage you to view our DBS record from a security perspective.

Prices are shown per 24 hours and include a one hour group walk for up to 3 dogs in the property.


Weekdays = £40

Weekend days = £50

​To add additional walks or dogs, please contact us for a personalised quote.

~ B/H at 1.5 x rate ~​

Other Services

~ Contact us for a personalised quote ~

Hourly Pet Sitting

More than an hour, less than a full day


Wedding Chaperone Services

Have your dog join your for photos, the service or the whole day!

From £15 per hour plus mileage


Pet Taxi Services

Vet and groomer visits

Collections from Heathrow Animal Centre available

From £5 per 20 mins plus mileage


~ Sunday & B/H at 1.5 x rate ~​


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