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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Walking

Is it always Nicola that will walk my dog?

Yes, with the exception of holidays and sickness it will always be Nicola that walks your dog. You will always be notified of holiday dates well in advance so that you can make other arrangements for your pet's care, however Slobberchops work closely with a number of other pet care businesses in the local area and can always help you to arrange holiday cover if it is needed. In the rare event of sickness we will do everything possible to make sure that your pet is not home alone for extended periods and we will talk through the options available with you on the telephone.

Do dogs needs to be vaccinated?

On a group walk, we do require dogs to be vaccinated for distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus (marked as DHP on your vaccination record) and also for leptospirosis. Kennel cough is recommended but is not mandatory for group walks. We are happy to accept titer test results as an alternative to DHP as long as the test is performed annually. We understand that vaccinations pose a risk for some elderly dogs and those with medical issues, and as a result we are happy to walk those without vaccinations on a solo arrangement from your home. Dogs having solo walks are not required to have vaccinations if they are being walked from the house, but if a dog is being transported to a park in the Sobberchops van they will need the same vaccinations as dogs on a group walk.

Will you walk my dog if I leave them with a relative, neighbour or friend while I go on holiday?

We will walk your dog either from your home or from another carer's home within our catchment area (see our Contact Us page for our services map)... however we are not able to offer walking services while you are on holiday if your dog is being left home alone overnight.

Dog Home Visits

Do dogs have to be vaccinated for you to do a home visit?

No, home visits are perfect for puppies who have not yet completed their vaccinations, and for elderly dogs who may find vaccinations a bit much as they reach their twilight years. As long as you do not wish for your dog to be transported in the Slobberchops vehicle, vaccinations are not necessary... although it is worth reviewing the risks of walking your dog in public spaces and on public footpaths before making the decision not to vaccinate.

Can you walk my dog/s as part of a home visit?

Home visits are generally for dogs who cannot go out on a group or solo walk, however if you have a dog who simply will not toilet in your garden, we are happy to walk your dog for up to 10 minutes as part of the visit. For longer walks, please refer to our Solo Walk service.

Will you visit my dog if I leave them home alone while I go on holiday?

If your dog has the company of a person in your home overnight then we are able to offer visit and walking services throughout the day - however we are not able to offer visits through the day if your dog is being left home alone overnight. Please contact us to discuss out Overnight House Sitting service, or alternatively we can refer you to a licensed and trusted Home Boarder in the area.

Pet Feeds & Visits

I have lots of pets!  Will my visits cost the same?

Pet visits are charged by time rather than by pet, so as long as you have factored in enough time for everything to be covered during the visit, it doesn't matter how many pets are in the house.

What will you do during a pet visit?

Generally pet visits are to feed, change bedding and to check on your pet's welfare while you are out or away. If your pet has special needs such as medication, we are happy to give this too. If there is a special technique for giving medicine, be sure to show us before you go. If your pet loves company, we will stay for the full period that you have booked - however if your pet disappears upstairs, outside or under a pile of straw, we will finish our chores and leave. Please consider this when booking longer visits!

Overnight House Sitting

We are away but my teenage child / elderly parent willl still be in the house, will you stay overnight?

I am afraid not, my business insurance cannot cater for a house containing multiple 'responsible persons' overnight. I can offer visits and walks as an alternative however, so that your pets still get the same care and attention during waking hours in the day.

Pet Taxi

I don't drive.  Can you take me and my pet to the vet or the groomer?

I am afraid not. Slobberchops is insured for the transportation of animals but not people. We are happy to take your pet and to stay with them while they are at the vet or the groomer, but we are sadly not able to take you as well. There are a small number of taxi services in the area that will allow you to take a pet in their vehicle, so it may be worth a few calls to see who can offer this service if you need to attend the appointment along with your pet.

My pet is at Heathrow and is ready to collect.  Can you collect my pet for me?

Absolutely, however I do have walks and pet visits booked through the day so please call in advance of collection day to make sure that we can set a suitable time for the date that they will be ready.

Can you collect my new puppy for me?

I can, however I am not able to take you with me! If your puppy requires collection from a breeder in England I am more than happy to discuss the collection with you. Please give me as much notice as possible as I have walks and visits booked throughout the day too.

General Queries

How do I make a booking?

When you contact me, we will make an arrangement to meet up and discuss your needs. I will bring my insurance and DBS check records with me. It is a great opportunity for me to meet your pets and for you to ask me questions and get to know me before deciding if you would like to book services. Once you are happy, I will send out some terms & conditions and a registration form for you to complete. Once they are filled in and returned to me, we can set up any bookings and deposits needed, depending on the service that you require.

What happpens if I have to cancel a booking?

Things happen, we understand this. Firstly, please let us know as quickly as possible so that we can try and fill your booking space with another customer, and that will help with regards to any deposits paid. Our terms and conditions specifiy what happens in a cancellation, in particular when you can get a refund and when it is not possible.

What if I don't want you to keep a key for my home?

For services such as regular dog walks, a key is necessary - but if you are booking an adhoc service, there are a couple of options. You can either hand over the key at the end of the initial meet and greet and it will be left with a neighbour or somewhere designated by you on the last day of the booking... alternatively you can drop the key off to me before services begin and collect it after services have finished. I am also able to collect and drop off the key outside of the service period for an additional charge.


COVID-19 and Dog Walks

We are following the CFSG (Canine & Feline Sector Group) industry guidance for Dog Walkers. The guidance specifies the rules for handover, for use of equipment and for walking dogs from a self isolating and infected household. Please note that we are using the product Leucillin to disinfect dogs, and we are using our own leads to reduce transfer risk. We understand that owners may be home when we collect your dog in present circumstances, but please follow government guidelines on distance when we arrive... preferably put the dog in the hall and go to another room during collection and drop off. Thank you for your understanding!

COVID-19 and House Visits

Dog home visits and pet sitting services are presently only offered if there is no one in the house. A mask is worn to prevent moisture transmission onto surfaces while pets are cared for. Whilst we will do everything reasonably practical to prevent the transmission of COVID during our visits, we strongly recommend cleaning / disinfecting when you return home.

COVID-19 and Overnight Pet Sitting

We are unable to offer overnight pet sitting during the pandemic - however if you are a customer who generally uses our pet sitting circumstances, please contact us and we can put our heads together help you to find a licensed and trusted home boarder who may be able to help, or another solution that would suit your pets.

Slobberchops Fleet
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Slobberchops Fleet
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